Staff Officer's article for 06/2012

The New Staff Officer & The Master's Chair

Brothers: On May the 8th, my term as AGL ended and my term as Grand Lodge Staff Officer began. The duty of the Staff Officer is to provide Masonic education, primarily through formal courses. Grand Lodge appoints one Staff officer per district but unlike the District Deputy, the SO is not tied to that district. It is not common, but at times a Staff Officer may be called on to provide his services in another district.

The first course I will be teaching will be The Master's Chair. It contains a wealth of practical information and will give the new Master a great start to his term. Today we are seeing so many Masters that have only a few years experience that Grand Lodge has created this material to give them a “Jump Start”. I have been through the course a couple of times and can vouch for its value. This value will be multiplied if we can get Past Masters to attend adding their experience and wisdom to the undertaking. The course is free and I will be offering it in June. I will announce the date at the Investiture Ceremony on June 1st in Phoenix.

Over time an organization like ours creates an abundance of information, often referred to as Institutional Knowledge, all those things that are second nature to the seasoned. As I present the Grand Lodge's courses I will be looking to those of you with “Time in Grade” to supply some of that Masonic Light that can only be acquired through years in the quarries. The newer brothers will surely benefit from the lessons you have to teach.