Staff Officer's article for November 2012

LSOME, the Lodge System of Masonic Education

Brothers near and far: Over the last several years I have seen a resurgent interest in Masonry here in Oswego County. New brothers come with a thirst for knowledge about this grand organization we call Freemasonry and as Staff Officer it is my responsibility to assist the district in imparting that knowledge.

The first step in bringing this light is the LSOME course. It is the responsibility of each lodge to see that every new brother is exposed to this program. Grand Lodge has placed great importance on this training and for good reason. The program is very easy to administer and I stand willing to help any lodge get the ball rolling. I have copies of the DVD and manuals and will be more than happy to work with each Master or someone he might designate to present the course. It is a very informative and entertaining program and I guarantee that even an Old Timer will learn a thing or two. In addition, our Grand Master considers LSOME to be the minimum level of masonic education required for every new brother in this jurisdiction. It is my feeling that combining it with even a rudimentary mentoring plan will help retain these new members and reap significant benefits for the fraternity. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose and an active brother to gain.

Next month I will be covering the MDC or Masonic Development Course, a course that is great for the newly raised brother and the grizzled old veteran.