Staff Officer's article for March 2013

The Road to the East training

Brothers near and far: March is the month when the lodges should be back in session and we are all getting started on the new year. One of the top priorities for every lodge is to decide who will be their next Master.

It is a Grand Lodge requirement for any new Master that he attend the Road to The East course. The primary text used for this course is the 24 Gauge. It is absolutely necessary that any brother taking the course have a copy for their personal use during the course and for his term as Master. The training is designed to be given in 3 sessions of 2 to 3 hours each so it would be best if we can get it started in early April. I expect each sitting Master to contact me as soon as possible to let me know what the situation is in their lodge. A new copy of The book costs $45 plus shipping from Grand Lodge Sales. If the lodge can come up with a copy less than 10 years old, it should suffice. If not I will order copies and the brother can pay me. The prospective Master will also need a copy of the Masonic Law of New York (Blue loose leaf binder) which every lodge should have. He will also need the book of Standard Work and the Book of Masonic Etiquette.

The Master is the leader of your Lodge and as such must be aware of the responsibilities he takes on and the resources that we provide to help him succeed. The Road to the East is a course well designed to supply him with that knowledge. In addition, if you have a brother who will be Senior Warden in the Fall and then ascend to Master next year it would not be too soon to run him through this course as well.

Finally a shameless plug for our Phamous Phoenix Phish dinners starting March 1 and running every Friday until Easter. A great meal at a great price.