Staff Officer's article for April 2013

"Esoterica" and The Master's Chair.

Brothers near and far: A little Masonic Education. A word we often hear when referring to Masonry is “Esoteric” as in “The Esoteric Parts of Ritual” or “Esoteric Freemasonry”. To many the word is not well understood, having a magical or mystical air to it. Because of this it has, from time to time, been used to indict our gentle craft by its enemies. In reality however, the word esoteric refers to something hidden from view, especially learning restricted to, or understood by a limited or specially instructed group. It may also refer to items or knowledge which are rare or unusual.

It really does sound a lot like what goes on in our lodges but also may remind you of the last power or phone bill you tried to decipher. Nothing magic or mystical there! In our lodges, the “magic” happens within each brother and results from the practice of freemasonry and not any “Power” we supposedly wield or special “Secrets” we ostensibly keep.

Soon you will be installing new officers in your lodges and the most important, at least judging by the obligation he takes, is the Master. Last year, I was unable to provide any training until I was appointed to my new post as Staff Officer. This year I plan on getting a head start on a really handy course for Masters old and new. The Master's Chair. I will be checking around the district to try to schedule all the incoming Masters who need this course and get them through it before Investiture if possible. The Master's Chair is a really well done, hands on type document that every new master will find useful over and over again so I urge each of you who will be governing your lodge to take part in this course. I promise you will not be sorry you did.