Staff Officer's article for June 2013

Upcoming Courses from the Staff Officer

Brothers near and far

A little on upcoming masonic education. All you new Masters and even some not-so-new Masters will benefit from The Master's Chair. This is a course I give to brothers who will be Masters for the ensuing year and one you will find very helpful. If you as master would like to have a successful year you will find this course invaluable. The course takes one evening and you receive a nice handbook to go along with it.

In addition to The Master's Chair I am also presenting the Road to the East course. This is The Master's Chair on steroids and is a requirement for any brother who will ascend to the East. The RTTE course requires three 3 hour sessions that can be taken in any order. I am running it on a rolling basis and the next session will be noon June 15 at the Scriba Lodge in Constantia. You will need a copy of the 24 Gauge, the book of Constitutions and the Blue Ritual Book.

My Lodge is raising a bunch of new brothers so I will also be giving the Masonic Development Course in Phoenix. This course is a comprehensive review of the three Masonic Degrees. I just gave it to 10 brothers in Central Square and the response was very positive. This course also requires three sessions of about 3 hours each. My contact information is below.

Finally I would like to put in a plug for the Masonic Safety ID, formerly Child ID, program that the Central NY Masons run at the State Fair each year. The Oswego District always covers the 2nd Thursday from 10AM to 10PM in 3 hour shifts. It is our chance to show the fraternity in a positive light and you get free tickets to the Fair. All that is necessary is to spend a few hours interviewing kids and their parents in air conditioned comfort. I promise that if you take part you will not be sorry.

Hope to see you soon in Lodge.