Staff Officer's article for November 2013

Mentoring & Basic Training

Brothers near and far

A fresh crop of Master Masons is about to sprout in the district and along with a number from earlier in the year we have a fresh crop of brothers thirsting for knowledge and friendship. They have joined our fraternity to take advantage of the values espoused by Freemasonry. Conversely, if we are to take advantage of their interest we must do our part as well. Mentoring is probably the most important task we can undertake to retain these new brothers. A mentor is a friend to the new brother, a point of contact through which a connection may develop with the lodge and Freemasonry. It can also serve as a path by which the mentor can learn the new member's needs and expectations.

Along with mentoring, we need to get these new brothers some formal Masonic education. This is where the Masonic Development Course (MDC) comes in. It is my current plan to run two MDC's. Looking at the current district degree schedule it looks as though they will be run in December and January. One in the Southern part of the county and one in the northern part. I will have a better idea when the Master Mason degrees have been completed. You Masters should also be making sure that the LSOME program is being presented to the new brothers as they pass through the degrees. As in the past I would be more than happy to assist any new master in getting started with this course.

Masonic Inertia is our biggest enemy in these educational programs. As with a sled in the snow, it moves much easier once you break the runners loose and get it going.

Hope to see you soon in Lodge.