My Articles as Grand Lodge Staff Officer

The Masons in Central New York publish a monthly tabloid called THE WORD. Most months while I am Grand Lodge Staff Officer I will be writing Articles for publication. My past articles can be accessed using the links below. Some of them are actually pretty good.


June 2012
The New Staff Officer & The Master's Chair
September 2012
Camp Turk & Mentoring
November 2012
LSOME, the Lodge System of Masonic Education
December 2012
The Masonic Development Course


February 2013
Upcoming Road to the East training
March 2013
A Few Outstanding New York Masons
April 2013
"Esoterica" and The Master's Chair
June 2013
Upcoming Courses from the Staff Officer
October 2013
Course Descriptions & The Brotherhood Fund
November 2013
Mentoring & Basic Training
December 2013
LSOME, The Walk About & the importance of Communication


February 2014
Grand Lodge Tour Package
March 2014
Winter Activities & the MDC
April 2014
Why Freemasonry?
May 2014
Thoughts at the end of my term.