My Articles as Assistant Grand Lecturer

The Masons in Central New York publish a monthly tabloid called THE WORD. Most months while I was an Assistant Grand Lecturer for the Oswego Masonic District I wrote an article for publication. This is a collection of those articles.


October 2009
My introduction and philosophy
November 2009
The Grand Lecturer's Convention
December 2009
The Importance of Masonic Ritual


January 2010
A brief history of The English Masonic Ritual
February 2010
A brief history of Freemasonry in Britain
April 2010
The Warden's Columns
June 2010
Advice to New Lodge Masters
September 2010
Autumn activities and reminders
November 2010
December's Rose
December 2010
Grand Lecturer's Convention Report & Holiday Wishes


January 2011
Two Grand Lodges & Brother William Preston
February 2011
Thomas Smith Webb's Monitor
March 2011
Masonic Symbols & Floorwork
April 2011
A Really Nice First Degree
June 2011
Announcements, Congratulations & An Idea for Practicing Ritual
October 2011
Square & Compass Day & The Grand Lecturer's Convention
November 2011
The Importance of Masonic Ritual
December 2011
Grand Lecturer's Convention Report


January 2012
Masonic Travel
February 2012
The Position of AGL 02/2012
March 2012
Masonic Cooperation Can Accomplish Great Things
April 2012
The Investiture Ceremony
May 2012
A New Challange


June 2016
Back in the saddle again!
October 2016
Grand Lecturers Convention and some new Initiatives
December 2016
Opening & Closing Certification


February 2017
Learing & Presenting Ritual Part-1
March 2017
Learing & Presenting Ritual Part-2
June 2017
Yes, Opening & Closing Ritual is Important!